Anlage kleinChero is a specialized German company in the field of droplet separation for flue gas cleaning systems.

The Chero employees have a long experience in this area, supported by a very large number of configured and executed installations, as well as by sound scientific activity.


We are supported by a scientific advisory board and of course German and Chinese companies, specialized in plastics processing, sales and service.


Through stringent legal environmental regulations, in almost all industrialized countries, with extremely low residual levels of pollutants, mist eliminators are becoming increasingly important (flue gas cleaning; cooling towers - legionella).


In order to achieve these objectives multi-stage systems are used. In this multi-stage systems, the separation is often bought with high pressure drop.


Chero Droplet separator systems achieve due to their design low residual liquid contents under optimum energy conditions.


To focus on the ever-increasing demands for environmental protection and energy-saving in China, the Chero GmbH has established a sister company with its own production in Shanghai, the Shanghai CHERO Gas Treatment Co., Ltd.


Furthermore, we can draw on the experience of our partner Shanghai Golden Bridge Consulting (SGB), working for 15 years in this field. SGB has successfully realized numerous projects in the field of mist eliminators, as well as in other areas of the flue gas cleaning.


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