Chero GmbH is a German specialists company in the field of droplet separation in gas streams.

The Chero employees have a long experience in this area, supported by a very large number of configured and executed installations, as well as by sound scientific activity.

We are supported by a scientific advisory board and of course German and Chinese companies specialized in plastics processing, sales and service.

Our partners and subsidiaries

Shanghai CHERO Gas Treatment Co., Ltd.

To put a stronger focus on the specific conditions for environmental protection and energy conservation in China, we have established a sister company in Shanghai, the Shanghai CHERO Gas Treatment Co., Ltd.

Main focus of CHERO Shanghai is the expansion of local production, as well as local marketing, sales and service. CHERO Shanghai is located in the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park of Shanghai.

CHERO Shanghai has the most modern production facilities in more than 5,000sqm, and 3D design capabilities, CFD programs and test facilities.

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Shanghai Golden Bridge

SGBThe headquarters of Shanghai Golden Bridge (SGB) is located in the Zhangjiang High-Tech Park of Pudong New District, Shanghai and has more than 15 years focus on flue gas desulphurization and environmental protection. Since 2001 SGB ​​is exclusive partner of famous German brands in desulfurization as EKATO agitators, Düchting pumps, Munters Mist eliminators by 2014, Lechler spray nozzles and AKW hydrocyclones. SGB ​​was honored as "supermarket" of desulfurization equipment in the industry. Previously FGD Equipment of SGB in operation in China in more than 450 power plants.

SGB ​​is committed to everything from a single source and to provide multi-functional professional services for customers, including technical advice, delivery, customs clearance for import and export, transportation, installation and after-sales - service of equipment.

Along with the development of China's environmental protection - industry Shanghai Golden Bridge has also undergone continuous development and expansion, and has a professional team with technical skills, outstanding quality and excellent service awareness. SGB ​​has four subordinate enterprises, including Shanghai Golden Bridge Corrosion Protection Co., Ltd., Shanghai Golden Bridge Consulting Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jinqiao Industrial Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Duoxiang Trade Co., Ltd., and has jointly established a joint venture with Shanghai AKW separation Process equipment Co., Ltd. and Shanghai STEULER-KCH corrosion Engineering Co., Ltd. along with outstanding German partners.

Lechler GmbH, Department of environmental technologies - Mist eliminators

Lechler GmbH offers a wide range of products for different applications in environmental technologies as Fluegas-desulphurization, Gas conditioning, Mist eliminators and Cement industry.
The department of mist eliminators, located in Aachen - Germany, was founded in 1988. Lechler offers a wide range of mist eliminators for all process areas and applications.
In mist elimination for FGD Lechler has a long range experience, which will be widened by the strategic aliance with Chero GmbH, as well as offering new possibilities of product optimization and increase of cost efficiency.

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