CVF200 Droplet separator systems for flue gas cleaning - FGD

CVF series - vane type separator

 The Chero eliminators for the application flue gas cleaning (FGD) are characterized by:

  • Flow-optimized geometry for better performance and process stability
  • Extremely low pressure drop
  • Cost-effective system with high efficiency
  • Flushing and cleaning systems for blockage-sensitive applications
  • Low maintenance due to cleaning of the elements during operation


Product Description

Multistage, superposed flat elements on two support layers for vertical gas streams. The CVF eliminators are used as standard at medium to high liquid loadings. The individual, integrated flushing and cleaning system are arranged on and / or downstream and contribute to a safe and trouble-free operation in applications with a high degree of pollution.

Typical applications include:

-         flue gas desulphurisation

-         Emission control systems

-         incinerators

Available Materials: PPTV, PP

The flow-optimized separation profiles are characterized by an extremely low pressure loss in addition to high separation efficiency. The drip-laden gas stream is deflected by the profile geometry, wherein the liquid droplets can not follow by inertia. The droplets are then deposited on the vane surfaces. The liquid here forms a continuous liquid film which runs under the influence of gravity and drips down there in the form of large drops back into the absorber. Due to the special dripping geometry a re-entrainment by already deposited drops is reliably limited.

Main fields of application for this type of separators are pollution-intensive applications such as wet scrubbers in flue gas desulfurization.

The CVF200 has been specifically designed to offer a powerful product for the mainly standard applications. In particular, the drainage capacity of the system has been optimized to ensure a safe and cary over-free deposition even at high gas and liquid loads.

The separators are individually adapted to the particular process and equipped with an integrated flushing and cleaning system. This allows process-related contamination or encrustations be prevented.

The CVF200 also suitable as system for retrofit of existing facilities and boasts compatibility and easy adaptability. The modular design of cross-sections of any shape with the CVF200 elements can be fitted.

  • Robust Construction in proven design with tubular slotted pipes
  • Novel profile geometry prevents re-entrainment of already separated liquid
  • Minimum height by space-saving arrangement of the separator stages
  • Integrated flushing system for cleaning of the elements during operation
  • Minimal residual liquid content in multi-stage systems

In processes with high incrustation and contamination risk the cleaning of the separator elements have a special importance. Solids in the raw gas and in the absorber suspension, gypsum particles and salts may be deposited on the profile surfaces. By chemical reactions during operation, solid deposits and encrustations can form, which can only be mechanically removed. By an individual, tailored to the respective process, cleaning system and program, the mist eliminators can be cleaned off during normal operation. Due to the experience from numerous running systems we are able to provide effective cleaning systems, meeting the requirements of your processes and increase the mainainance intervals of the eliminators.

Chero delivery

  • Individual process design of the overall system
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Manufacture of components in qualified workshops
  • Delivery according to your requirements
  • Installation and supervision by qualified and reliable personnel
  • acceptance tests

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